Organisation of conferences

I have organised several international workshops and conferences in European philosophy, evironmental humanities and art. Most of them have been generously supported by various institutions and foundations.

Co-organizer of an international conference in environmental humanities
Earth Sensations: Affects, Sensibilities and Attachments in an Era of Climate Change (with Tobias Skiveren), keynotes: Jane Bennett, Alexis Shotwell, Nicole Seymour; Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Denmark, 13-14 October 2022 (funded by the Carlsberg Foundation, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies & Aarhus University) - Call for papers

Co-organizer of an international conference in contemporary French philosophy (organising committee)
13th Annual Deleuze & Guattari Conference: Territorialities, Exterritorialities, Non-Territorialities (with Petr Kouba), keynotes: Etienne Balibar, Barbara Glowczewski and Eric Alliez, The Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, 5-7 July 2021 (online with almost 200 speakers)

Co-organizer of a workshop on interdisciplinary research
The Role of Research in Modern Society: Driven by Mission or by Curiosity? (with Peter Andersen), Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark, 24-25 June 2021

Co-organizer of an interdisciplinary workshop in French and German philosophy
Accueil, hospitalité, espace(s) politiques. Atelier transversal franco-allemand [Welcoming, hospitality, political spaces. French-German interdisciplinary workshop] (with Claire Mélot and Sara Minelli), Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin, Germany, 25 October 2019

Principal organizer of a focus group on speculative design (academic and non-academic)
Speculative Design and its Wider Application, Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick, UK, 14 May 2019

Co-organizer of an interdisciplinary workshop in design
Designing Fictions: A Philosophical and Architectural Perspectives on Speculative Practices (with Krzysztof Nawratek), School of Architecture, University of Sheffield, UK, 18 February 2019

Principal organizer of an international conference in posthumanities
Nonhumans and Politics. International Conference on Non-Anthropocentric Perspectives on Politics, Hosted and funded by Forschungsinstitut für Philosophie Hannover, Germany, 22-23 January 2016

Co-organizer of an international workshop in social movements
Anarchism and Technê. Techniques and Technologies of Transformative Practices, Institut für Protest- und Bewegungsforschung [Research Institute for Protest and Social Movements] (with Almut Woller), Zentrum für Technik und Wissenschaft, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, 12 July 2015